Don’t Run

Everything seemed louder when running away. Every crunch of the leaves, every turn made. It all seemed to echo through the woods as I ran. However, that meant his steps echoed too, I could have him following behind me, taking the same steps, the same path. But he was gaining on me. Fast. 

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Into The Woods


We walked along the trail in silence, our shoes crunching against the ground. The park trail was silent, the sun was out and shining, but the park was still in its winter season. We had all the privacy we wanted.

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A spanking to Remember with The Deal

There was no time wasted. My dress was immediately stripped and I was left in nothing but my bustier and the fluffy tail that hung between my legs, the plug firmly lodged in my ass. His hand was immediately around my neck, squeezing tightly as his free hand rained down on my ass.

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Worlding Building

I’ve always been in awe of those who can build worlds so easily, Terry Pratchett created an entire world of crazy and wonderful stories. He created one of the complete fictional worlds to ever be printed on paper. The Discworld was more than just a location to tell a story, it stood on its own as if it was another planet in our very own solar system. Tolkien created his own language to fit into his world. Everything about world-building has always amazed me. 

So I thought I’d try my hand at it. As you may have read recently,  I have been struggling with some mental health issues and lost all motivation to write anything. With the recent positive steps I’ve been taking, I’ve been trying to ease myself back into the writing world. Creating stories, characters, everything.

One of the ways I have decided to try this is with world-building. Most of my stories have been easily inserted into the current world. The current, mundane, boring world. (🙄) But in my young years when I was pushing out a new story every other day (ahh those were the days…) I lived in a fantasy world, one that didn’t quite match this world but didn’t work anywhere else.

I decided world-building would be a nice creative writing exercise, something that I would be proud of and would be useful in my future writing endeavours. But BOY, did I underestimate how much work with would be. Sure, I got the basics down. I’ve got my world map drawn and my location’s names, but the information each one needs?! Every time I try to do more work on this project something else crops up. Another piece of information that I need to make this world believe is thrown into my lap. 

But you know what the good thing is? It doesn’t phase me. Before this would have been an overwhelming project that I would have given up on weeks ago. However, now I understand a lot more about myself and about my mental health, I can allow myself to drop the project and come back. Little bits here and there that will all eventually add together to make one massive project. I’ll look back at this complete world one day and be so proud of myself. There is no deadline here, but if you want to come along for the journey, join my Discord group, where there is a channel just for world building. 


Writing with Mental Health

Writing is hard. In general. Writing with a mental illness? Downright impossible. Projects are dropped and picked back up again. Works in progress lose their momentum and just get abandoned. This year has been a whirlwind of a year for me. I have had love and lost it, I have finally started the journey of getting the help with mental health that I truly need. And now, I want to get my writing back on track.

I haven’t written anything in what felt like years. Any time I had put pen to paper (or rather, fingers to keyboard) what came out was just… rubbish. There was no good storyline, it wasn’t even good writing. I was downright ashamed of it. That didn’t help my writing motivation, picking out everything I hated about my writing and did nothing to put it right. 

In February this year, I came to terms with the fact that what I had spent years considering as ‘anxiety’ and ‘depression’ was actually something more. So I went to the doctor’s and got put on the forever-long waiting list to be assessed for Autism and Borderline Personality Disorder. I already know what you’re thinking, I knew she was crazy! Well, you might be right in that respect.

Waiting for a diagnosis is boring and long, so I decided I would carry on with my life as if I was already diagnosed, using methods to trick my mind into thinking. What do you know, it worked! There is still a long road ahead, motivation is coming slowly, but it’s coming.

Starting slowly (and easy), I began writing fanfiction. I remember many moons ago when I used to write it all the time. The perfect way to practice writing, the characters, the background, everything will be there and all I have to do is create an enticing storyline (doesn’t even have to be that good if you are writing smut). It’s the perfect place to practice your writing. And it’s where I am starting. So hopefully it’s only up from here. Keep your fingers crossed for me! 


Commissions by Doe White

I will write for you and make your dream story a reality! Whether you have a vague idea of a storyline you want to make or a strict scene-by-scene play you want to pad out, trust Corrupted Doe to make it a reality. 


Perfect for this small plot ideas. A piece of writing that gets straight to point with no nonsense. 


Want a little more meat to your story? Thicken the plot with a bigger word count and more ideas.


This is for the dreamers. Those who want a full story with subplots and side characters.

£5 for every 1,000 words after

If your writing exceeds 15,000 words it will incur a charge of £5 for every 1,000 words after this.


No! You can chose to create your own characters, have me create them or use characters from your favourite TV Show or film. I can work with you to create the perfect story for your eyes,

Again, no! Whether you have just a vague idea or a strict point-by-point I can work with you to create your story in every way.

Rushed content is available! But it will cost. Whenever you submit a request you will receive a plan with its own deadline. If you wish to set your own deadline closer than the closer than one I specified, you will be charged an extra 10% of the full price.

Of course! When you submit a request you can put in whether your working towards and word count or working with a budget and I can do my best to work with you. 

Terms & Conditions

A 20% deposit is required once a commission has been accepted by the author. This must be paid before any work can begin.

Deposits can be made via PayPal or via Corrupted Doe’s Storefront.

Requests for drafts can be made however they will be copyrighted to Corrupted Doe.

Users are allowed unlimited minor changes to the storyline throughout the writing process. 

‘Minor’ is at the author’s discretion. 

Major changes to the storyline with incur an extra charge dependant on plot change.

With every commission a timeline and deadline for work will be sent across. Regular check-ins with author are welcomed. However, if you wish to set your own deadline sooner than the one set by the author, your price will incur a 10% rush charge of the final price. (eg, up to 4,999 words will increase from £15 to £16.50 for the final price.) 



I nervously knocked on the door, taking a deep breath as I waited for him. When he opened the door he gave me a smile that seemed to wash all my nerves away. He was such a calming presence I had no idea why I was so nervous in the first place.

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I watched the feet of people as they walked by me, not daring to look up at anyone. Beside me I could see the familiar shoes of Sir, I knew he would have prefered to be barefoot for any of his foot worshiping needs, but the club we were in wouldn’t allow it.

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I can’t wait to see you tonight. – C’ 

I couldn’t believe what I was reading. I didn’t mean to see it, he had left his phone on the settee and it beeped at me, the notification coming up on the screen. Those words weren’t what I had sent him.

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