Erotica shorts

Kidnapped Valentine


  Two men grabbed my arms before I could do anything and flipped me over onto my stomach. I froze when the vibe stuffed into my pussy buzzed to life. My body betrayed me and instantly reacted, my arousal growing and beginning to drip. Two metal cuffs were shackled around my wrists and from the cold feeling around my ankle, two more cuffs were attached to my legs. A chain was threaded through the links on the cuffs and held down by another male. They wanted to make sure I couldn’t get away. Two hands grabbed my hips and pulled them upwards, hauling my ass high into the air. My knees bent automatically, the cuffs rattling noisily. The chain was passed from one male to another. He pulled the chain upwards sat in front of me, it was only then I realised it was Donovan.

    He settled himself in front of me, his hard cock standing tall between the fly of his trousers. I stared up at him with pleading eyes but he continued to smirk back at me. Wrapping his first around his cock, he began to slowly pump it, his precum smearing over his cock. With his free hand he kept hold of my chin, making sure I couldn’t turn away. Behind me, I felt the bed dip and more hands touched my skin. I wanted to scream, and squirm away but I couldn’t, all the hands on me stopped everything. The vibrator inside me buzzed harshly, I didn’t know who had the remote but they took full advantage. The buzzing stopped and started, heightened and lowered over and over again. The end of the vibe poked out of my pussy, one of the men grabbing it to pull it out of my pussy and back in again. The larger end of the vibe stretched my pussy as it was pulled out before being pushed back in. I winced at the feeling, but I couldn’t deny it any longer, my body enjoyed the feeling of being stretched. My arousal was beginning to drip down my thighs. 

    I squealed through the gag when the vibe was abandoned and a finger began to rub against the tight ring of my ass. More hands began to grab at me, finding my breasts to pinch and slap at them. There were too many hands on me, all slapping, pinching and poking at me. I couldn’t tell anything anymore. There was so much pain and so much arousal. My body betrayed me against everything, it reacted on its own. I felt the tears falling down my cheeks, my teeth clamping down on the gag to try and deal with the pain and arousal. I screeched through the gag as a single spit lubed finger pushed its way past the tight ring of my asshole. He wasted no time pushing it in to the knuckle, bending it slightly and pulling it back out again. He added another finger, twisting and turning it. I could feel his fingers pressing against the buzzing vibe in my pussy. 

    ‘I think someone has been in here before.’ one man laughed as his two fingers went knuckle deep in my asshole. He began to thrust harshly, his fingers continiously poking at the vibe. It was only a few thrusts before he pulled out completely. I looking up at Donovan, silently pleading with him, but he just smirked at something over my shoulder. My eyes went wide and I screamed through the gag as I felt something bigger than a finger press against my hole. 

I clenched my teeth against the ball as he pushed the head of his cock into my back passage. His cock stretched my asshole, forcing his way in. I cried, begged and squirmed to no avail, his cock pushing further and further inside me until his pelvis met my ass. I watched Donovan through tears as he held up the remote for the vibe in front of me, showing me his finger on the button before pressing it and turning it onto its highest setting. The buzzing increased as the man behind me began to thrust, his moans overtaking my cries of pain. With every thrust I cried, but I couldn’t deny the pleasure that was building in my pussy. I couldn’t wrap my mind around what was happening. I couldn’t stop the tears but I couldn’t help the pleasure. There was nothing I could do, only cry and pray for this to be over soon. Donovan cradled my head in his hands, pumping his cock in his hand. The mans moans behind me began to stutter and I could feel his cum inside me. He stopped thrusting and pressed his pelvis against my ass, ensuring to get every ounce of cum inside me. He pulled out of me, laughing and smacking my ass. 

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