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‘I will get better.’ She whispered.

‘You will have to. I can protect you here. But I can’t protect you in the villages, not in public.’ He ran his fingers across  the small of her back and to her other ankle, making her squirm slightly. ‘You want to do this. These positions will help you avoid any unwanted attention. I will not leave you alone in the villages. But you cannot move.’ as he spoke the last sentence his fingers moved to her ass, between her legs and to her pussy, already wet with arousal. 

Snow White gasped and launched herself forward, bracing her hand on the floor and pushing her ass out to him.

The Huntsman sighed, ‘you can’t move.’ he repeated, beginning to pull away from her, but she moved her hips back, trying to find his fingers again.

‘Please…’ she whispered, ‘don’t stop.’ The Huntsman pushed his fingers along her pussy lips, gathering her juices onto his fingertips. Snow breathed slowly, her pussy clenching around nothing. The Huntsman’s fingers found her clit, rubbing in slow circles. Moans slipped past Snow’s lips as she bucked her hips backwards, moving in time with his fingers. He removed his fingers from her clit and replaced them with his thumb, slipping a single digit inside her. She clenched around his finger as he slipped another in, small gasps escaping her lips as he began to thrust them in and out in time with his thumb. Snow rocked her hips to his rhythm, feeling the pleasure beginning to build. The Huntsman continued to pump his fingers in and out of her, watching her carefully as she writhed and squirmed in pleasure. He felt his cock stir at the sight of her, awakening and beginning to strain against his trousers. Moving onto his knees, he used his free hand to pull his cock from his trousers, stroking it behind her. He leaned forward across her back and groaned, pressing his face into her shoulder, he began to place soft kisses across her shoulder, his teeth scraping against her skin. Pulling his fingers out of her, he stroked his cock with her juices, humming into her shoulders. Snow whined at the loss of fullness, and he moved forward and rubbed the tip of his cock against her pussy, along her folds and brushing against her clit before lining himself up with her and slowly pushing into her. She gasped as she felt him stretching her around him, pushing back into him until his pelvis was pressed against her ass. The Huntsman pulled his hands away from her pussy and grabbed her hips, squishing her ass against his pelvis. 

‘Move…. Please…’ she begged, rocking her hips into him. The Huntsman growled and bit into her neck, delivering short, shallow thrusts into her and building her pleasure. She cried out and reached behind her, balling her fist into his shirt, grounding herself. The Huntsman reached forward and grabbed her breast, moving her as he wanted, with both their pleasure building, it wasn’t long before Snow could feel her end nearing. 

The Huntsman suddenly pulled out of her and she groaned at the sudden loss. Pulling her backwards, he flipped her over onto her back and spread her legs, leaned over and pushed back into her, thrusting wildly. Hooking his arm beneath her knee he pulled her leg up, thrusting at a new angle. Snow cried out in pleasure, feeling his teeth biting into her skin, sure to leave a mark. 

Snow White cried out as the pleasure took over, her whole body shaking, the Huntsman growled into her skin, stilling inside her as he found his own end. Neither of them moved, then the Huntsman pressed soft kisses into her skin, soothing the ache of the marks on her skin.

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