Into The Woods


We walked along the trail in silence, our shoes crunching against the ground. The park trail was silent, the sun was out and shining, but the park was still in its winter season. We had all the privacy we wanted.

As we walked my eyes kept glancing over to the bag she carried, a small bag, but held so many options. My arms swayed gently as we walked, the sun bouncing off the metal shackles on my wrists, matching the pair on my ankles. 

‘Here.’ she suddenly stopped, turning to a large tree trunk just off to the side of the trail. My heart leaped. 

‘H-here?’ I stuttered, she only glanced at me, her lips quirking upwards into a smirk. 

‘Yes, here.’ she pointed to the tree trunk. ‘Face the trunk.’ she instructed. 

I took a deep breath and stepped off of the trail, standing in front of the tree and crossing my arms behind my back. My pussy clenched around nothing at the thought of what might come next. The sound of metal hitting metal rang though the trees as she dropped her bag on the floor, kneeling down to route through it for whatever she needed.

I could hear the chains rattling against each other as she pulled them out of her bag. Using the small d clips there were already attached to my shackles, she hooked the chain onto me and walked around the tree. Pulling it tight, my breasts pressed up against the tree, the bark digging into my skin and only adding to my arousal. The roots sticking up from the ground made it impossible for me to move closer, my ass sticking out slightly. I moved my other wrist so that she could hook the chain onto the other dclip, securing me in place. She stepped back for a moment to admire her handy work. 

‘hmmmm, such a pretty sight. Ruined by those damn clothes.’ she sighed. 

I flinched when I felt her hands on my back, undoing the bikini top I had worn on her instruction today, now I understood why. I was able to move my body enough so that she could slip the material from me, the only thing protecting my skin from the bark was no gone. She grabbed my chin and turned my head to the side so I could see her from the corner of my eye. 

‘I’m not even close to finished with you yet, my darling.’ my eyes went wide as she held up a a pair of clover clamps. 

 Reaching around, she cupped my breast, gently massaging it and pulling it to the side, my nipple hard from scraping against the bark. I whined soft. 

‘Awwww is someone sensitive?’ she whispered, pressing a kiss to my shoulder in an attempt to sooth me. Successful, but only in her distraction as she clamp closed around my nipple, pulling a scream from my lips. She chuckled in triumph, tying a piece of string to the end of the clamp and tugging at it, each tug making me whimper. Moving to my other side, she repeated the process, the distraction not working this time but still managing to pull a scream from my lips again. 

My eyes widened as her plan for the string finally clicked. The string went around the tree too, pulling it taunt and tying it to the other clamp. I shuddered and groaned, every movement tugging on the clamps and my nipples. 

She went back to her bag, pulling out a small black pole. 

‘Can’t have you closing those pretty little legs, can we?’ clicking the button on the pole she elongated it. Attaching it to each ankle, I had to move further back to be able to accommodate the width, whimpering as it pulled the clamps tighter. 

‘Perfect,’ she purred, her fingers drifting up my legs and to the skirt I was wearing, no panties there to get in the way. She could easily see my pussy glistening. 

‘Such a wet girl.’ she whispered, her fingers running across my bikini lines and her lips pressing kisses to my shoulder. ‘What do we do with wet girls?’ she asked, pulling away from my slightly, in a aroused state I pulled back to follow her, wanting to feel her skin on mine. But I whimpered when the clamps tugged my nipples, eliciting a chuckle from her. 


‘Then what is this?’ she asked, I cried out as I felt the sting of leather against my skin. The riding crop. 

‘You didn’t see me pack this did you? Someone needs to be paying more attention.’ I squirmed as she smacked the crop against my skin with every word, randomly choosing places like my ass, my thighs, my pussy and my shoulders.

I couldn’t get away from her, I couldn’t protect myself. Every movement caused pain in one form or another and that only caused more arousal. Each cry was mixed with a moan, my pussy desparte for more. For any attention. Suddenly she stopped. 

‘How desparte are you?’ she asked, I whimpered in response, not trusting my voice. I felt the crop on my clit, rubbing gently. ‘My toy getting all wet like a whore.’ pulling the crop away, she replaced it with her fingers. Two digits easily sliding into me and moving fast, cooking perfectly to push my to the edge. 

‘Are you going to cum for me?’ she asked, her free hand moving to tug the string. 

‘Yes please mistress!’ I cried. 


‘Such a horny girl.’ she smiled, delivering a few light slaps to my ass, her fingers immediately moving to my slit. 

‘Such a horny fucking mess aren’t you?’ she whispered, continuing to rub me. I closed my eyes and leaned my head against the tree, letting the pleasure over cum me. Yelping when she suddenly slapped my cunt. 

‘I asked you a question I expect an answer.’ she continued to slap my cunt and I quickly screamed, 

‘Yes Mistress!’ 

‘yes what?!’ she snapped, moving to the backs of my thighs and my ass. 

‘yes I am a horny fucking mess Mistress.’ 

‘that’s better.’ she stopped slapping and reached into her bag. ‘you watched me pack this bag didn’t you?’ 

‘Yes mistress.’ I whimpered. 

‘I don’t think you watched very closely. Is everything I brought out of the bag now?’ 

‘Y-yes?’ I watched her put everuthing in that bag, I watched her put it in the back of the car before we came down here. 


‘Are you ready to cum?’ 

‘Yes! Yes mistress please!’ I cried, almost screaming when the fingers where withdrew from me. Leaving my pussy to clench around nothing. 

‘This trial is 2 miles long. We’re half way through it now.’ she pushed the end of the riding crop inside me, wedging it between my at the spreader bar. ‘if you can make yourself cum by the time I get back, you can enjoy yourself. If not I’m crop that pussy till you do cum. Understand?’  

‘Yes Mistress…’ I whimpered. She pulled out a leather bit gag and pushed it past my lips, securing it behind my head., 

‘Good Girl. I’ll see you in a little while.’ I heard her shoes crunching against the ground as she walked away. 

‘Hope no one finds you!’ she called over her shoulder. 



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