The Audience

I had never been here. He hadn’t either. I had heard of it many times through I’d never been. The owner was nice enough to show us around all the different rooms they had, they all had double bed in it, small enough to only fit the bed in. But then she told us about the theme of the night. ‘Greedy Girls’.

 All doors open, no privacy. On lookers. I felt my chest clench for a second, nevres raking through me, but my pussy did the same. The thought of being watched by strangers. I should be ashamed of wet just the thought made me. But there wasn’t even an inkling of shame. 

We brought our drinks and chose the room where the fun was going to be. Our belongings were dumped in a corner and my full outfit was revealed. A pink lace bodysuit and a latex skirt, there was nothing left to the imagination. 

‘Turn around.’ he said, wanting me to face him. I quickly turned, entering the submissive space and crossing my arms behind my back, trying not to look him in the eye and instead staring at his chest. ‘Are you ready to begin?’ he asked, I nodded quickly eager to begin. The ‘Greedy Girls’ night meant there was an abundance of men wandering the halls, looking for the women that were most likely part of a couple. A few of them had gathered in our doorway, interested in what was about to happen. I tried not to look at them, but I couldn’t help it out of the corner of my eye, seeing them watching me made me wetter. 

‘These bra staps could be better.’ he began his inspection, untwisting the material of the bra and cupping  my breast in his hand. ‘These are lovely. Turn around.’ I quickly spun around, staring at the wall. ‘Your bra isn’t even done up properly, fucking disgraceful, can’t even dress yourself.’ he redid my bra for me and turned be around without a command. He pulled the straps off of my shoulders and pulled the cups down, grabbing a handful of my left breast. 

‘What shall we do to these?’

‘Nice things.’ I whimpered, remembering how sensitive my breasts were.

‘Nice things, huh? Nice things like this?’ he leaned down and pressed a kiss my nipple, running his tongue across my areola. ‘Like this?’ he repeated it across my other nipple and I quickly nodded, my breath hitching slightly. ‘No.’ Two quick slaps were delivered to my breast and I yelped in reply, forcing myself to stay still.

‘Something to say?’ he asked, moving over to my right breast and doing the same, two more slaps to my breast. I quickly shook my head, sealing my lips.

‘Turn around, bend over the bed.’ I quickly turned and bent over, the latex cold against my skin.

He flicked the skirt up over my waist and popped open the buttons of my bodysuit, revealing my glistening pussy. His fingers ran across my ass and to my tattoo.

‘What does this say?’ he asked, leaning over my body.

‘Yes Sir…’ I whispered, repeating the words that I had gotten inked on my ass cheek.

‘And does that mean you like to be spanked?’ he asked, I whimpered and nodded, pushing my ass back. A quick smack to the tattoo made me jump and squeal. ‘What was that?’

‘Yes Sir!’ I quickly answered, but he continued with the spanking. 

He focused on my tattooed cheek, his hand moving up and down with every spank, almost hitting my thigh. I tried to stay still but I couldn’t help it, each spank making me squirm and yelp.

‘Will you keep fucking still?’ he scolded, ‘I don’t want to hear a word out of you, and I don’t want you moving either. Understand?’ I sealed my lips into a thin line and nodded, spreading my legs further and trying to relax. He delivered on test spank, his hand firm and unmoving, delivering a hard thud to my skin. I clenched my whole body and forced myself not to move, balling my hands into fists and and tensing my thighs. He continued go spank, each time I moved more, my legs giving up with each hit. I heard him sigh behind me, looking to the side I watched him reach into his bag. He pulled out a black pole and two fancy looking velcro cuffs.

‘We’ll keep those legs apart.’ He pulled off my shoes and wrapped the fabric around my ankle, clipping them to the metal pole to keep my legs spread. He continued his assault on my ass, favouring one cheek over the other. No wonder I couldn’t keep still.

Once he was statised he pulled away.

‘Stand up and turn around.’ I quickly pushed myself up, laughing to myself as I turned around, creating a racket as the pole clanged against the bed. It was only then that I noticed the audience that stood behind Sir. A few men had gathered in the doorway, all peering through to see what would happen. I expected my chest to clench, for panic to set in, but as Sirs hand moved up my arm I could only feel my pussy getting wetter. They were here to watch me. 

Sir leaned in close to me ear and whispered.

‘Are you okay with an audience?’ 

‘Yes.’ I quickly answered, nodding to make sure he understood. He pulled the skirt at the bodysuit over my head, leaving me naked apart from my stockings.

‘Right then, undress me.’ he ordered, I immediately began to work on the buttons of his shirt, easily stripping him of his shirt. ‘Kneel.’ he ordered. I quickly sunk down to my knees and began work on his belt, stripping him of his clothes too. 

‘Make me hard.’ I eagerly took his cock into my mouth, making a quick note of how many people I could see through Sirs legs. Pressing my nose against his pelvis, I could feel his cock hardening between my lips. Flicking my tongue out, I pressed it flat against his balls, his cock twitching in my mouth as I rubbed him with my tongue.

‘Fucking hell.’ He moaned, taking the encouragement, I pulled back and began to suck, his cock becoming rock solid in my mouth. I kept doing what I knew he liked, gagging on his cock and pressing my tongue flat against his balls. His moans continued, the more encouragement from him the more I worked. It wasn’t long before I felt the warm salty liquid hitting the back of my throat. I greedily swallowed every last drop, not wasting anything. I  pulled away grinned, the taste of him still on my tongue. He smiled down at me.

‘Up.’ I quickly stood, feeling him push me back onto the bed. ‘How well you can you bend?’ he asked, grabbing the pole and pushing it backwards. I quickly grabbed hold of the pole and pulled my legs back, my pussy glistening between my thighs. A quick glance behind him ensured the crowd was still here, the faces changing as others moved on, I spotted a woman there from time to time, peaking in. 

Sir put on a pair of blue gloves and added some wrist cuffs to match the ankle ones, attaching everything to the pole. I was completely at his mercy. In this new position, just one small glance and I could see everyone who was stood in the doorway, watching us, staring at my pussy. My cheeks heated up at the thought of them staring at me, and I was sure it made my pussy wetter. Sir chuckled, easily slipping two fingers into me.

‘So fucking wet.’ he whispered, beginning to thrust his fingers inside me. After all of the stimulation before it didn’t take long until I found the edge once again.

‘Please can I cum Sir.’ I begged, not sure how long I would be able to hold on for, thankfully he spoke quickly.

‘Cum.’ he demanded, I cried out as I came, but he didn’t stop thrusting. Curving his fingers upwards he found the spot that made my legs shake, that made me see stars, that made everything leave and the only thoughts beginning an orgasm. 

There were three more orgasms before he pulled out. Sticking his arousal soaked fingers into my mouth so I could suck them clean. As I ran my tongue around his fingers he reached for the bottle of lube, squirting the cold liquid onto my pussy. His two fingers easily slipped back in thrusting a few times before adding a third. I hissed slightly, the addition of a third finger stretching me in such a deliciously painful way. 

‘Does it hurt?’ he whispered, his free hand wrapping around my ankle supportively. 

‘Just burns a little…’ I whispered through a moan, he pulled his fingers away and began to undo the cuffs, leaving me wanting and horny. He pulled the cuffs and the spreader bar off of me and discarded it on the bed. He crooked his finger at me.

‘Come.’ he ordered, I quickly shuffled to the end of the bed and stood, crossing my hands behind my back. ‘Condom.’ he held out his hand and I quickly reached for the condoms I had brought for my preference. He quickly ripped it open and picked up a dildo, or as he called it, the butt plunger.sliding the condom over it he smiled at me.

‘Turn around and bend over. Spread those cheeks for me.’ he ordered. Excited for it, I quickly turned around and bent over the bed, resting my chest on the mattress and spreading my cheeks, the butt plug I had been wearing poking out. Pulling the plug out, he chuckled at my whines.

‘Such a needy whore.’ he whispered, squirting the lube onto my asshole. Rubbing the dildo in the lube he pushed the tip into my asshole. The lube made it easy to slip in, even with the delicious stretch and slight pain of something large in my tight hole. He continued to push the dildo inside me, the stretch making me whine and push back. He pulled the dildo out and pushed it back in, thrusting into me. I dug my fingers into my ass, the pleasure building inside me. The angle of the dildo was perfect, pressing against everything it needed to and making my pussy pulse and clench. My legs began to shake beneath me, I had had more than enough dildos in my ass to know how quickly things would happen. 

‘Please Sir can I cum?!’ I begged, hoping, praying he would say yes because I knew I couldn’t hold back, that I wouldn’t be able to stop the orgasm that was approaching. 

‘Yes.’ He said, thrusting the dildo into me. I let go of my ass and grabbed onto the mattress beneath me. The pleasure racked through me,  a cry of pleasure passing my lips as he stopped thrusting, the dildo pushed into the hilt, my ass clenched around it and my pussy clenched around nothing. He pulled the dildo out of me and I whined at the loss. 

‘Such a horny slut.’ he mused, discarding the dildo on the bed, I looked over my shoulder, the post orgasm glow making everything hazy.

‘Come on, make me hard and we’ll get something real in there.’ he ordered, I quickly stood and sank down onto the floor. I was very aware of the audience that stood behind him. Kneeling, I spread my legs in hopes someone would see, I shocked myself at that thought.  

Taking his half hard cock into my mouth, I quickly began to suck, pushing further until my nose pressed against his pelvis, flicking my tongue out I found his balls, pressing my tongue flat against them. He let out a approving moan as I continue, pulling back to suck on his tip and returning to tongue his balls again. The approving moans kept me going, hearing him moan because of me only succeeded in making me wetter. I rested my hands on his thighs, continually repeating the motion, alternating between tonguing his balls and sucking his tip until I felt his cum shooting down my throat. I swallowed every drop and pulled away smiling. Looking up at him, he shook his head at me.

‘Was not expecting that. You’re good.’ he whispered.

We took a little break after that, making idle chit-chat and amusing ourselves with the people who passed by, looking in and hoping for a show similar to what they saw earlier. As I sat comfortably and calmly my mind wondered. I realised how much more confidence I felt, at the beginning I was nervous, almost scared, but he calmed me. Even more so now that I was sitting on the bed in nothing more than stockings and I felt no need to cover up or sit in a way to hide things. I felt sexy.

With all being said, I was told to bend over the bed again, his cock hard and ready for my ass. I eagerly got into the position, spreading my cheeks without instruction. He put on the condom and squirted lube onto my asshole, the cold liquid making my ass hole clench. As it dripped down to my pussy, I felt his cock gathering the lube, his tip pressing against my asshole. Slowly he pushed in, his cock stretching more. This felt different than a dildo, his cock twitched and pulsated as his pushed it in until his pelvis pressed against my ass. It was better. 

He began to thrust, my mind going blank as his cock continued to stretch my, the pleasure racking up once again. Each thrust sending jolts of pleasure through me. My pussy desperately clenched around nothing, the pleasure becoming almost too much. He was thrusting hard into me, his cock pressing the perfect spot.

‘I need to cum… Please Sir…’ I cried, already feeling the orgasm beginning to take over.

‘Yes. Cum Now.’ he ordered. I cried out as I came again, my whole body shaking as the pleasure raked through my body. I felt him pull out of me and I relaxed onto the bed, my legs feeling like jello beneath me. He discarded the condom behind me and helped me into a more comfortable position. 

‘Good girl…’ he whispered, ‘Good, Good girl.’

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