Commissions by Doe White

In case you missed it, I’m writing commissions again!

I will write for you and make your dream story a reality! Whether you have a vague idea of a storyline you want to make or a strict scene-by-scene play you want to pad out, trust Corrupted Doe to make it a reality. 


Perfect for this small plot ideas. A piece of writing that gets straight to point with no nonsense. 


Want a little more meat to your story? Thicken the plot with a bigger word count and more ideas.


This is for the dreamers. Those who want a full story with subplots and side characters.

£5 for every 1,000 words after

If your writing exceeds 15,000 words it will incur a charge of £5 for every 1,000 words after this.


No! You can chose to create your own characters, have me create them or use characters from your favourite TV Show or film. I can work with you to create the perfect story for your eyes,

Again, no! Whether you have just a vague idea or a strict point-by-point I can work with you to create your story in every way.

Rushed content is available! But it will cost. Whenever you submit a request you will receive a plan with its own deadline. If you wish to set your own deadline closer than the closer than one I specified, you will be charged an extra 10% of the full price.

Of course! When you submit a request you can put in whether your working towards and word count or working with a budget and I can do my best to work with you. 

Terms & Conditions

A 20% deposit is required once a commission has been accepted by the author. This must be paid before any work can begin.

Deposits can be made via PayPal or via Corrupted Doe’s Storefront.

Requests for drafts can be made however they will be copyrighted to Corrupted Doe.

Users are allowed unlimited minor changes to the storyline throughout the writing process. 

‘Minor’ is at the author’s discretion. 

Major changes to the storyline with incur an extra charge dependant on plot change.

With every commission a timeline and deadline for work will be sent across. Regular check-ins with author are welcomed. However, if you wish to set your own deadline sooner than the one set by the author, your price will incur a 10% rush charge of the final price. (eg, up to 4,999 words will increase from £15 to £16.50 for the final price.) 

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