Doe’s Dirty Diaries Season 01


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Audio Erotica the way you want to hear it. Hear Doe read out her own erotica experiences through Doe’s Dirty Diaries. Each story carefully read by Doe herself for your awaiting ears. Purchase Your favourite episode or purchase the entire season.

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Series 01

Episode 01 – Attitude Adjustment

She had fair warning. She knew what could come. But she couldn’t help herself. She just had to have an attitude.

Episode 02 – Corners

Brats get the punishment they deserve. Brats get put in the corner.

Episode 03 – Little Girls Don’t Say No

When Daddy says he wants something. You can’t say no.

Episode 04 – Patience

A submissive must learn patience. Only speak when given permission, waiting for the right command. Only Cumming once allowed. Patience

Episode 05 – The Cross

Strapped to the cross with no escape, abused and bruised until the pretty little sub is crying and begging for mercy.

Episode 06 – The Flogger

Spread open, no escape, nothing but the flogger and the dom. Who could ask for more?

Episode 07 – The Medical Exam

The doctor will see you now.

Episode 08 – The Rules

Learn the Rules. Listen to the rules. Don’t break the rules. Earn the punishment.

Episode 09 – The Shipment 

Packed. Sealed and ready for shipping. 

Episode 10 – The Shoes

He wouldn’t notice, just a tiny movement, just a little bit of pleasure. He wouldn’t notice… would he?

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Season 01

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