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Erotica the way you want to read it. Read Doe’s own erotica experiences through Doe’s Dirty Secrets. Each story carefully written by Doe herself. Purchase Your favourite story or purchase the entire set.

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Story Guide

The Deal 

  • She made a deal to get what she wanted. But now she is moments away and beginning to regret it.  Can she take 60 cane strikes to tick off her kinky bucket list?


  • He promised her so much, she didn’t think he’d be able to deliver. However, when he threw her into subspace so easily and brought out all the toys she knew his promises would come true.


  • Do as you are told or face the consequences. Those lifts doors could open to anyone. Someone could walk in at any moment. But that’s all part of the fun isn’t it? 

Into the Woods

  • The private and openness of a forest, that’s the beauty of nature. But this domme wants to add more beauty to it, a willing little sub just waiting for abuse

The Audience 

  • Being watched… Getting spanked… Ordered in front of others… Thats all part of the fun right?


  • When Daddy offers me to the public I can’t say no. 

Your Soul 

  • He was at the club. He sounded like a douchebag. But there was something about him, something…strange.

Mommy & Daddys Toy

  • Shared between mommy and daddy. Fun, games and orgams everywhere. 

Don’t Run

  • Run. Run. Get away. Don’t let him capture you. Don’t let his friends get you. Run.

The Loft

  • This five part series details the single night spent with a newly discovered dom. New experiences, realisations, everything. Diving deeper into subspace than she ever has before, join this sub on the new learning experiences.

Domestic Servitude

  • This 5 part series details the life of a Slave. Chastity, shibari, beating and so much more all in a few short chapters.

My first Lick

  • Follow this subs journey through her first experience with pussy, spit roasting and so much more. These fun filled nights are here to read or listen to for your entertainment. It certainly was at hers.

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The Deal, Shockwaves, Lifts, Into the Woods, Into the Woods – The Ruins, The Audience, Fanbase, Your Soul, Mommy & Daddys Toy, Don't Run, The Loft, Domestic Servitude, My first Lick


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